Documents Required for UK Visit/Tourist Visa

Original Passport with a 180 days validity peroid beyond expected arrival date in UK. All old passports

Need 2 Photos 50 X 50mm, matt finish with 80% face cover, white background. (For age below 14 and age above 80years or applicant who is eligible for the Drop box.)

Need Covering letter mentioning your travel details and stay details while in UK.

Need Bank Statements / Passbook updated for last 6 months.

Need all financial and income documents like Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposit, KVP, Bonds, NSC, PPF, Shares, Property papers or any other.

Proof of Tour Itinerary/ Hotel bookings/ Air tickets.

Need Income Tax / Form 16 for last 3 years/ salary slips - if employed for last 6 months .

Proof of return scheduled date .

Proof you can take care of your financial expenses while in the UK.

Need Original Leave letter from employer/school/college or institute.If student School/College ID card.

If a minor accompanied by one parent/ traveling alone shall provide A Original notarized NOC by the other parent,plus copies of parents passports or ID proof.

Prior appointment required for submission of application.


Visa Processing Time approximately 10-15 working days.Visa fees are approximately in INR 6000 (non-refundable)Visa Fee Subject to Change.